Hi! My name is Mari Ichimasu. I was born in Tokyo and grew up in Ichikawa-city, Chiba Japan. I moved to Seattle, Washington permanently in the Spring of 2009, ever since then, the Pacific Northwest has been my second home. The misty forest air treats me so gentle here.

Each moment is once in a lifetime. Everything changes constantly, nothing remains tangible forever. This sentimental and beautiful cycle of life is the core inspiration of my creations. I love drawing comics, watercolour painting, and stop-motion animation to tell stories and deliver nostalgic, heart-warming vibrations connecting us all universally.

I am an artist, a mother, a musician, a healer, dreamer, a traveler and an explorer of cosmic energy and consciousness.

2014 Artist Trust fellowship

2021 Arcturus Quantum Healing®︎ Level2

2022 Usui Ryohou Reiki Master




2014年 アーティスト・トラスト フェローシップ 授賞

2021年 アルクトゥルスクォンタムヒーリング®︎ Level2 修了